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This sculpture was originally a trophy inspired by the Venus of Brassempouy, a prehistoric figurine of the oldest human face ever represented with traits both universal and distinctively feminine.


Initially created to reward the winners of POWER STARTER, a competition for the digital world female champions of «Neighborhoods  and Diversity ». It symbolizes the power of contemporary women pioneers.


The hair of the one who was sometimes called " Venus with the Hood " is this time turned into QR code containing a message of encouragement and luck to those who hope for the destiny of a pioneer.


While the original, dating from 23,000 BC, is made of mammoth ivory, this statuette is made of composite material

(polyurethane resin ) painted by hand, and derived into a series of 12 copies in 3  « web colors » (fuchsia , neon yellow, and turquoise).

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